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It is music festival season, and I love outdoor live music and good food. This year, my husband and I hit the Newport  Jazz Festival in Rhode Island. It was a gorgeous venue right on the water. The temperatures were in the low 80’s— however, there was no shade and the sun was oppressive.
My most valuable style tool was my fun, floppy straw hat from Nordstrom. Simple, inexpensive, stylish, and very functional. I have never been a hat person but in these last few years that is all changing as I try to save my skin from any additional sun damage.
I know the saying is “black don’t crack.” Well, I am the exception to that rule because my forehead is starting to look like a legal pad, so I will be armed with protective sun gear and good lotions and potions.

For my outfits, I chose sheer, lightweight tunics coupled with shorts and cute and comfy sandals and espadrilles for the hot weather. The breeze off the harbor felt amazing in my light and airy tunics. Each outfit provided coverage and allowed airflow to help keep me cool.
My sandals and espadrilles were both Tory Burch. I prefer the Miller Sandals for an outdoor event because they have a little cushion to them, and I also think that they are super cute.
Add some chunky jewelry, and a good dousing of Neutrogenaof Neutrogena SPF 70 sunscreen (with lots of water intake) and I am feeling cool, sexy, and protected!

The music performances were great and we had an amazing time (and looked good doing it). Use these tips at your next festival event and have a fabulous summer!
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