Miss K

"I cannot thank yolanda enough."

"Working with Yolanda was an absolutely amazing experience!

From top to bottom she worked with me to organize and purge my closet. Yolanda was patient yet honest and helped alleviate the stress of tackling my closet.  

With Yolanda’s help I was able to bid “farewell” to four large garbage bags worth of items that have outlived their welcome and give them the second chance of love by someone new.  Yolanda helped me to declutter, redefine my style and learn key tips for organizing to keep items visible and accessible.

As a busy mommy-prenuer it was a breath of fresh air to have Yolanda offer her expertise while also giving me a new found confidence. She is simply amazing & the best at what she does. I cannot thank Yolanda enough for transforming not only my closet and style but also my mindset on practical fashion.  She is amazing!

Tammy P.

"I am so grateful."
I am so grateful to consult with Yolanda Taylor, as a Stylist.  She has given me tips and advice for some time now.  Wherever life leads you.  Mrs. Taylor wants to ensure you make a great and lasting impression. If you are making a career change.  Contemplating an upcoming job interview?  You are sure to make a first and ongoing impression with Yolanda’s style strategy.  In every spectrum of life.  I was attending a concert of my favorite artist.  I was so excited and did not know what to wear.  She styled me from head to toe.  My night was enhanced even more; with endless smiles of admiration.  In every spectrum of life. Weekday, weekend, career, travel and leisure.  At The Style Table is your final destination for a Style Strategist.  Thank you so much Yolanda Taylor.

Tam L.

Lately, I have been getting out of my comfort zone with fashion this year. wearing colors that i never thought about and i love it. thanks to my bff and wardrobe stylist, yolanda taylor. she has always been great with clothes but not until i realized how much i hate shopping (yes i hate it) and she would do it for me and i don't have to think about it....YES! PLEASE.

I have been getting so much joy from putting on these beautiful dresses that i didn't have to search for. thank you, yolanda. not only are you excellent at what you do, i really Appreciate you alleviating so much stress from me. i can just concentrate on what i love to do...bossing ladies up!

Gail M.

"HUGE shout-out."
A huge shout-out goes to my personal stylist, yolanda taylor of at the style table. she is the g.O.A.T. fashionista who helps me look my best for media and public appearances. working with yo is awesome!

Shari W.

"Working With Yolanda Changed My Life."
Working with Yolanda Changed my life. I Love My New Closet And It Takes Me Less Time To Figure Out What I’m Going To Wear It Allows Me To Spend More Time Running My Business And Enjoying My Family And Friends. Clearing Out The Clutter And Working With A Stylist Was The Best Gift I Could Give To Myself.

Christine H.

"Yo Is Classy." 
Yo is classy And Listens To My Concerns.

Nicole N.

"Just So Dang Good At What She Does."
Let Me Just Tell You, That What Took Three Tailors At David’s Bridal Two Visits To Figure Out, And They Still Messed Up My Alterations, Yolanda Was Able To Come Up With A Solution In Less Than An Hour…And It Was Perfect! It Was A Few Days Before My Brother’s Wedding (That I Was A Bridesmaid In) And My Anxiety Was Through The Roof! Not Only Did The Extra Strap They Added Allegedly For Support Cut Into My Skin Making Me Have Extra Back Fat, But It Still Was Not Keeping The Girls In Place, If Ya Know What I Mean. I Went To My Dear Friend Yo Practically In Tears! After Playing With Boob Tape And A Little Brainstorming, Yo Was Like “A Halter! It Needs To Be A Halter To Hold You Up!!” The Next Day I Found Ms. Lee In Georgetown, She Agreed And Fixed Your Girls Dress…Just…Like…That. Barely Charged Me Anything. I Got Robbed By The Chain Store, But Thank Goodness Yo Had My Back And That She’s Just So Dang Good At What She Does…Making Women Feel Even More Beautiful And Showing Up As Their Best Self! 

Jennifer M.

"Thank you for being a walking inspiration."
Thank You Yolanda Taylor For Reminding Me That My Appearance Is A Reflection Of Who I Am On The Inside. Your Words Have Helped Me To Embrace My Love For Looking Good And A Part Of My Journey To Let Go Of The Need To Prove Myself. As I Continue To Reinvent Myself At 52, I Am Learning To Appreciate The Skills And Experiences Of My Past, While Also Recognizing When They No Longer Serve Me. Your Encouragement Has Been Invaluable In This Journey Of Self-Discovery And Growth. Thank You For Being A Walking Inspiration And A Constant Reminder To Always Be True To Myself.


"i highly recommend her."
Yolanda Knew My Style And Body Type Without Even Meeting Me. She Chose My Dress, Which I Bought And It Fit Like A Hand To A Glove. I Felt Genuinely Confident And Comfortable. She Also Has A Fashion Board With Links To Make Your Life Easier. I Can't Say Enough About Yolanda's Services. I Highly Recommend Her To Anyone Who Needs Great Fashion Sense And Advice.

Faizun H.

"Yo has a third eye." 
“At The Style Table” with the one and only, Ms Yo. 💖

If you’re looking for a personal stylist extraordinaire who sees YOU, look no further. Yo has a third eye, through which she sees you not as you are but as you can be - in all your authentic awesomeness! 😊