At The Style Table Is A Fashion And Lifestyle Business That Specializes In Concierge-Style And Lifestyle Wardrobe Strategy, Helping People Increase Their Confidence, Self-Acceptance And Success.


For nearly three decades, Yolanda—better known as Yo—has been helping people look, feel and be their best.

Yo understands the importance of making sure people look and feel their best—especially when taking on new challenges and exciting professional opportunities.

Today, Yo is known for taking her life-long love of fashion to new heights by creating her company, At the Style Table.
"Let me just tell you, that what took three tailors at David’s bridal two visits to figure out, and they still messed up my alterations, Yolanda was able to come up with a solution in less than an hour…and it was perfect! It was a few days before my brother’s wedding (that I was a bridesmaid in) and my anxiety was through the roof! Not only did the extra strap they added allegedly for support cut into my skin making me have extra back fat, but it still was not keeping the girls in place, if ya know what I mean. I went to my dear friend Yo practically in tears! After playing with boob tape and a little brainstorming, Yo was like “a halter! It needs to be a halter to hold you up!!” The next day I found Ms. Lee in Georgetown, she agreed and fixed your girls dress…just…like…that. Barely charged me anything. I got robbed by the chain store, but thank goodness Yo had my back and that she’s just so dang good at what she does…making women feel even more beautiful and showing up as their best self! 
—Nicole N.
"Yolanda knew my style and body type without even meeting me. she chose my dress, which i bought and it fit like a hand to a glove. I felt genuinely confident and comfortable. she also has a fashion board with links to make your life easier. i can't say enough about yolanda's services. i highly recommend her to anyone who needs great fashion sense and advice."
      —Marrissa H.
"Thank you Yolanda Taylor for reminding me that my appearance is a reflection of who i am on the inside. your words have helped me to embrace my love for looking good and a part of my journey to let go of the need to prove myself. as i continue to reinvent myself at 52, i am learning to appreciate the skills and experiences of my past, while also recognizing when they no longer serve me. your encouragement has been invaluable in this journey of self-discovery and Growth. thank you for being a walking inspiration and a constant reminder to always be true to myself."
—Jennifer M.