My "Why"

Recently, I’ve been asking myself, “Why?” 

Why I believe fashion is more than just the fabric and the cut. Why I believe fashion is about telling your unique story. Why every piece you wear should be an extension of your personality. 

Still, I found myself asking, “Why?”

And the truth is this: My big WHY is that I want to help women feel beautiful and empowered. 

As a teenager, I felt invisible. One day, I happened to pick up a magazine and in one of the stories was a beautiful model. That was my first experience with “beauty;” however, what we see in the magazines is not what I believe to be true “beauty.” Beauty is dressing up and FEELING beautiful—and the truth is, there is no model for personal beauty. 

I love when women tell me that they feel amazing and confident in what they are wearing and how they feel like they are ready to uplevel their look. It is this energy that reminds me that what I am doing matters and makes a difference.

Today, I’m proud of my “why” and how it has transformed into more than a passion but the drive to leave a legacy to my grandchildren. My “why” has allowed me to fulfill goals that I had set for myself, like having my own business, and is continuing to launch me into new endeavors like building the “At the Style Table” clothing line, expanding its media reach and creating new products. My “why” has given me second chances at the things I’ve attempted before. My “why” has become my “yes.” 

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