This is the third blog in my Sustainability in Style series.

This is the third blog in my Sustainability in Style series - Swap or Sell 

There are many ways that we can help the environment by being responsible fashionistas, such as utilizing clothing swap parties or selling directly via online consignment stores. Hosting clothing exchanges is a fun way to hang out with friends, neighbors, and family. I have attended some pre-Covid parties and they can be done multiple ways. Most parties I attended were ones where you bring up to ten gently used clothing items, shoes, and/or accessories, and you take home the same number of swaps.  In this time of Covid, it's safest to host or participate in these parties via Zoom or another virtual platform. I've actually done one via Zoom, and it was a blast. There were many items that were swapped, some were sold, and some were given away as new friendships were developing. It was so easy because everyone was set up in their closets, glam spaces, or diva dens, displaying their items. They shared the sizes, and if people were interested, they would hit the person up in the chat to exchange information and then pop them in the mail to each other. It is a simple way to clean out your closet or build new looks in your wardrobe, all while making new friends in the process. 

The last example is selling your clothes via online platforms such as,,, and, which all made the US News World Report top online consignment shops for selling your clothes. A great friend of mine, Shari Williams, who is CEO of WomanUp Initiatives and the wife of a politician, had an overflowing closet full of clothes, shoes, and accessories. To help her organize her closet to match her busy lifestyle, she decided to open up a store on called Shasha Glam and has enjoyed success in selling her clothes. 

Remember, Covid isn't forever, and I'm sure that we'll get back to in-person clothing swap parties soon. But in the meantime, stay safe with social distancing.
So set up a Zoom call that is productive! Enjoy time connecting with friends and ladies who are restyling their wardrobes. Selling your unused clothes can help to fund looks to add to your restyled wardrobe, or start a successful side hustle by creating your own online shop via one of these great consignment platforms.

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Shari Williams

Oct 23, 2021 08:07 AM CST

I recently upgraded my closet and quickly realized that I was holding on to clothes that I would never wear again. Yolanda quickly helped me understand my desire to let go of the things that I wasn’t ever going to wear again and helped me shop in my own closet for my classic timeless pieces that did fit. I spent thousands of dollars over the years and sometimes I would never wear the item, it was a cycle of foolishness. So my stylist Yolanda shopped with me, for me and now I only have clothes in my closet that I can actually fit and I feel comfortable and confident wearing. The entire process was just what I needed.

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