Low Heels does not mean low style

Soon after turning fifty, I found myself making a slow crawl toward gravitating towards (dare I say it?)...a lower heel. I would walk into my closet and bypass my high heels and immediately start pulling out my favorite mid heels to flats.
For some reason, high heels just seemed exhausting, I mean who wants to walk around on the tips of their feet all day? I would even go so far as to choose my outfits around my shoe choice as opposed to the other way around. Although I feel sexy in my high heels, the reality is I am becoming less interested in heels higher than 3 inches or as excited about them.
So what do I do to honor my newfound love for the low heel look? I find myself always on a hunt for lower heels that are sexy, stylish and comfortable. Manolo, Jimmy Choo, Alexandre Birman, Salvatore Ferragamo and my affordable go-to brands Tory Burch, Kate Spade, and Stuart Weitzman, Coach, Vince Camuto, and Via Spiga provide all three of my requirements.

  • Sexy: They are not matronly looking and give you confident swag in your every step
  • Stylish: They look high fashion, modern and polished (pulls your whole look together)
  • Comfortable: You don’t feel the need to pack an extra pair of flats in your bag, period.
I know there are many other brands that can meet these three needs. Can brands like Naturalizer bring the chic style for you? Let’s dish for a minute about comfort branded labels.
Now I know that they are working hard to show that they can do just that, bring the style chic; however, I can’t quite make the transition to comfort branded labels yet (but remember, that is just me). If you're into comfort, some brands like Cole Haan will incorporate Nike soles inside their shoes. About 8 years ago I tried on a pair of their classic suede knee-high boots and instantly fell so in love with the look and feel that I purchased them in two colors. Although they are just barely over 3 inches high, they feel and look great!
So tell me, are you feeling the same way I am about 4 inch high heels or are you a give me high heels or give me fashion death kinda fabulous over 40 fashionistas? What are your go-to brands for style and comfort?
Come sit down with me at and let’s dish about one of my favorite topics...SHOES!

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