Accepting my new style reality

Now that I am over 50, I have had to adjust my style and take an honest look at my size. I was buying clothes online that I knew would fit. All excited, I would pull my purchase out of the box and try my items on, squeezing until I realized that I was going to burst the seams and wouldn’t be able to return my purchase. Many times I would keep items, swearing that I would easily drop the weight. Of course, that never happened. I also clung desperately to clothes that I knew, deep down, I would never wear again unless I had every inch of my body zapped with liposuction.
So I got real with myself. I got naked and looked at myself in the mirror and said that I will do the best I can and embrace the reality of my new size. I cleaned out my closet and gave these items that would never fit again to my nieces. When I shop online I read the reviews of the fit and carefully look through the size charts.

I absolutely hate fitting rooms at the store; the lighting seems to highlight every lump, bump, roll, and blemish. Not to mention the evil mirrors that put at least 10 or more pounds on you. I now put my big girl panties on, go in, and try on my new reality.

Accepting My New Style Reality!

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