Why I love Black and Leather Season!

Leather isn’t just for the young! Here’s a cute leather mini shift-dress coupled with leggings and black shoes. Instantly ready to go to lunch at the new “it” restaurant!

October is one of my favorite months because it is black and leatha weatha. The air is cooler yet warm enough to have a respect for fashion. We’re not hiding under those puffy winter coats just yet!
Not only are these moderate temps great for fashion, they’re also great for my middle age erratic body temperature.
October is the perfect month to pull out all the leather. I’m talking boots, pants, jackets, dresses…you can rock it all this fall season, especially black leather or vegan leather. No, I am not a witch or a goth queen. Black is my favorite style color because it is the get the job done color.
My wardrobe is literally 2/3 black. I wear it often without any apology. What draws me towards anything and everything black is the sleek and chic look of the color and the powerful and mysterious style statement that it commands (cue Hollywood’s 2016 Vanity Fair cover featuring a crew of powerhouse women decked in black). Need I say more?

Need a look for ladies night out? You want a fast, stylish look that is comfortable and cool. What’s better than a pair of leather pants, a sweater and a cross body bag?

Earlier this year, I checked out some of my favorite designers to see what get a sneak peek at this season’s upcoming fashion looks. My heart jumped for joy when I saw that many of the looks incorporated, you guessed it, black and leather. Before I could get through the magazine, I was up the stairs and in my closet creating my shopping checklist for future purchases to update my fall look. To my (and my husband’s) pleasant surprise I had everything I needed right there in my closet. Yay!
So I know you may be thinking, “We get it Yo, you love black and leather. But I don’t have a wardrobe of black so how does that help me?!”. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have a closet full of black to pull off the perfect look.
Here are a few signature (and affordable) items that you can have on hand to upgrade any fall outfit this season, so that you are always ready to hit the town:
✔️A leather jacket or coat✔️A black leather skirt, dress or pants✔️A pair of FABULOUS black leather boots or a handbag
Now don’t get me wrong, I dig those neutral earth tones and the occasional pop of bold color and prints, but when I’m hitting the DC scene you can bet that I’ll be making a statement in something chic and black. With the few items listed above in your fashion artillery, you too can keep up with the latest fashion trends WITHOUT breaking the bank and be the talk of the night at your next big event!

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