To Gray or Not To Gray?

 My relationship with my hair has been fairly consistent. Of course I’ve had some bad haircuts, bad color, bad chemical treatments, but honestly they were very few and far between, and those events led me to finding a great hair stylist that I’ve been with for years. So shout out to all the hair styling and hair care professionals!  

Now let’s get to the topic at hand: gray hair. My gray started coming in in my late 40s. It was just a little bit here and there at first. I could just use a little temporary brush-on color and keep it moving, but after 50, it started really popping in. And now, at 55, it’s moved all throughout my hair, so I get my hair colored regularly. 


Just recently, I was really on the fence as to whether to color my hair or let the gray streaks continue to burst through. I like it when my hair is freshly colored. It makes me feel youthful and fresh. But I often see women my age walking around with the most amazing head of white or silver or salt-and-pepper hair, and it’s so striking and so fabulous. I often stop them when I see them and compliment their hair because I am so inspired and I so admire how beautiful they look.   

When I’m in that mental space, I think I should just go for it. I should just go gray. It’ll look great, it’ll be striking, it’ll be beautiful. But then I always give in and book my appointment for my color treatment. I leave the salon and I feel fabulous, just as fabulous as the women who have gone fully gray must feel about themselves when they walk out the door.  


So, at the end of the day, I realize I’m just not ready to go gray—at least not today.  


Are you ready to go gray? Have you gone gray? Or are you an “as long as it comes in a bottle I’m going to keep coloring my hair” kind of gal? 


What age do you think is the most appropriate time to go gray? 

Or is anytime a great time to go gray?  


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