Style and Sustainability : Save the Clothes!

This is the second blog in the Style and Sustainability Series. 
Save the clothes! 

Let's tackle saving and altering the clothing in your closet. Go through your closet and try on items that are classics like tailored skirts, dresses, jackets, and pants. It doesn’t matter if they are too big or too small; be brave and lay them out. We, the over-50 crowd in the midst of menopause, are more likely to have clothes that are too small, especially in the waist and hip area. According to, about 20% of women gain 10 lbs. or more during this time due to low estrogen levels, which causes visceral fat that settles in your belly, hips, and thighs. We never get a break. Hot flashes, night sweats, and organ fat. Good grief! Okay, go grab a glass of wine first, then go through your closet.

Deciding whether to keep an item depends on the quality along with the attachment you have to the article of clothing you wish to keep and update. Is it something you really love and are disappointed that you cannot currently wear? Or do you think that the value of the item isn’t worth investing in alterations or tailoring the garment to fit your current size? Like me, most of the women I work with grapple with menopausal weight gain. Going through your closet and reconciling with clothes that no longer fit you can be a bit time consuming and sometimes a little depressing. But it is worth it. Why? Because those inseams and waistbands can be let out enough to fit up a whole size larger. If you still need a little more room, throw on Spanx with a newly altered piece and keep your favorites. I have personally saved several skirts and dresses by letting out seams here and there. 

I had a client who often purchased larger clothing to ensure she would look conservative. She was concerned about being taken seriously in her career and didn't want to look too sexy. Many of her suits and business separates were at least one size too large and looked too matronly. So we went through all of the clothes one by one and decided that a few of her skirts were worth keeping. We had the skirts tailored to fit her properly, and they looked great and extended her wardrobe!
Saving your favorite pieces in your closet can provide a foundation to extend and build upon a new wardrobe. You can save money and donate your gently used, smaller, less expensive clothes without adding to landfills!

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